Half-Troll Race


Half-Trolls are smarter than average trolls, but physically weaker in every way. They can’t afford to be as aggressive or isolationist, like regular trolls can. Like trolls they are great in combat, with regenerations and powerful claws attacks. Most are as intelligent as humans and half-trolls will generally be calmer and smarter than their trollish ancestor, however they won’t hesitate to raid weak human or halfling communities nearby them.

Half-trolls natural traits actually define their personality, they are tough and rather smart. They are able to survive through most diseases with their strong constitution. Half-trolls are therefore aggressive, but decisive about about it. They will attack small communities in large numbers and loot as much as they can. Half-trolls won’t be finding a diplomatic solution unless they are losing.

Physical Description
Half-Trolls stand between 6 feet to 8 feet and usually weigh between 140-200 pounds. Half-trolls usually have human-like skin with greenish or grayish tones. They tend to have less hair than a human or no body hair at all. Their teeth are usually exaggerated and their hands bear a resemblance to trollish claws. A half-troll is considered ugly in human and trollish standards, being either too human or too bestial.

Half-trolls are aggressive toward communities with weaker members like halflings, humans or goblins. But bigger larger creature like ogres are likely to avoided by half-trolls, unless outnumbered. Half-trolls attempt to outsmart those around then to gain their advantages.

Half-trolls usually are chaotic. Many of them are chaotic evil, but some have been known to “tame” their insticncts and live side by side with humans.

Land Half-trolls usually live in wild areas, like jungles and forests. Most of the time within a tribal society.

Racial Traits
: +4 Constitution, -4 Charisma
Half-Trolls Base land speed is 30 ft
+2 racial bonus to intimidate, move silently and survival
Darkvision out to 60 feet and low-light vision.
Regeneration 1
Automatic Languages: Common, Giant.


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